Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm in Florida!

The house is moving forward after a small weather delay, but I won't be here to document it,I'm leaving today to hang out with Arno's dad in Florida. Arno's still taking pictures and I'll get caught up on the 10th of March. He says that the wall forms are up and they'll be pouring concrete on Thursday....Yipee! Walls!
Of course the road restrictions are now on - we don't want to know how they're getting the massive trucks down our road. It's possible they'll be out of the ground and have started framing by the time I get back.

So - I'll leave it to your imaginations! Pictures the next time we talk!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Here's a model of the house in cardboard. It should be much prettier with windows and in Redwood!

This is the beginning of an already long process. Between Arno the Architect and myself as the undecided, we finally came up with a plan, property, design, drawings, and builder. Monday, the trees went down, Tuesday and Wednesday the excavating started and by Friday, the foundation was poured and molds stripped. Now, we're back to winter and may have to hold up, but the schedule is for the wall forms to be set in place and poured on Tuesday the 27th or Wednesday.