Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October is beautiful

Railings are going in

thank goodness! A place for our beer!

Colors for all of you out-of-staters

Full moon at the ranch

Thursday, October 4, 2007

At the ranch

Well, we're in! And after some false starts with Charter, we're up and running. The house is great, and is continuing to improve. The inside railings are going in this week and the painters are here touching up things. We should see the outside railings next week sometime.

We've both had a odd mix of emotions with moving into the dream house. It went by so quickly, and here we are. I think it's always harder to get what you want than to dream about something. We're still adjusting to the drive - Arno being two miles from work, me being 15 miles from the gym! The fall colors are absolutely stunning, and to have the preserve outside the back door is definitely my dream come true.

Landscaping is next - the sand pit has to go.

Quiet time in the sun....

How'd the party end up in the bedroom!?

Wait a minute - who's in my chair!

I'm home!

Dinner courtesy of Jamie & Judy - sanity after a busy moving day

We aren't finding much time to do this

Kluba's from Indy, with BIG news - a grandbaby is on it's way!

It does seem to be a party house