Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hmmmm, interesting! This is the first posting with the iPhone as my computer, I have to say that it's a pretty handy little gaget. I'm babysitting Andrea's friend Heather's little girls (they're not awake) so I have a chance to play. I tried to do post the other day with it and couldn't get the keyboard to come up. After some playing around,it seems to be ok. We'll see what happens when I post.

Here's Diesel and Bauer during babysitting. Ok, maybe not, I can't see how to add pictures with this thing, and now Alyssa is up.

PS (6/30/08), still can't figure out how to email pics from iphone to here, or to my email account....but I finally had time to download pics from camera and phone and maybe now I can get caught up on the blog!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Here comes trouble

She's going so fast that it takes two to keep up with her.

Alexis' first birthday

Well, officially her birthday is tomorrow - May 9th for those of you that are ready to call me and ask if I (or you) have the date wrong. I jumped the gun thinking I'd schedule the posting for tomorrow, and of course just hit publish like I normally do. Old dog, new tricks. G&J had the big party last weekend, so we were ahead of the game anyway.

First bite of cake

Not too bad!

Grandpa & Grandma

Great Granpa Yurk

Grandma Hui

Brown Thrasher

We saw a new bird in the woods the other day, thrashing around in the leaves, and imagine this - he's brown! Ok, not that exciting, but you should hear him sing.........