Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 29 - Moving Day

Well, here we go! Good-bye Waite house! I'm taking the computer down today and hopefully, will be able to figure out how to put it back together when we're all moved in. Andrea has her apartment in Chicago now and will be doing her big move at the beginning of August. As of today, it looks like July and August (my supposed months off) will be just as busy. A sleep over with the Princess Alexis, Andrea's orientation at UIC and her move, a visit to Boston to see the boy and Stacey before they (possibly) pull up and move, Arno has a trip scheduled to Seattle/Portland and I wanted to get to NOLA to see Erin in her new job....Maybe it'll settle down after the move into the new house in September. Well, I've got lots to do before the movers come tomorrow, so it's time to pull the plug.....

Monday, June 25, 2007

June 11-22

So here's the half-way house, we're living in the the builders duplex in Plainwell, until the house is done in September. Surprised you didn't I! Thought our house had a kitchen already! Well, no...but we did vist the cabinet maker on Friday and they're moving right along. They'll start installing cabinets as they're done, so the plumber can follow. We should have air conditioning this week, along with water...all the necessities.

Wood is in - both upstairs and down.

I wasn't sure about the ceramic tile when it started to go in....

But now that there's more of it, we really like it!

Porch shots


Saturday, June 9, 2007

June 4-8

Summer at the ranch

Drywall is done, and next week they'll start on the flooring. Then comes trim, paint and cabinets....more finish stuff and then we're in! It amazes me - it has gone so fast. I'm anxious to be home! We're still packing up the Waite house and haven't gotten the closing date yet, but are sure we're going to be moving SOMEWHERE by June 30th. Yikes. I'm ready to have a couple of months of down time, to just be excited about the new house. And now the scary stuff starts - how will all the finishes look together - all this picking out and will it work? I sure hope so!

Wood flooring is here.

Boy am I glad we're not doing the siding...House looks great, starting to settle into the site.

Dad & Mom at the house!