Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Still winter

This is the anniversary of building our house - we started one year ago today!

We're still experiancing a lot of snow, wind and cold temperatures, and it's been hard to add to the blog, when all I have are more pictures of snow. Every once in a while, we have a sunny day and you start to believe that spring is around the corner. I have noticed that the buds are starting to swell (I know there are doubters out there, but look at the tree branches - you can see a difference every day). And then there are the birds - the last Sunday in January, we had a flock of Bluebirds come through, along with Robins, and Cedar Wax Wings. I think the Robins were lost, but the rest have been hanging around.

We celebrated Gary's 45th birthday this month. He just started back to work after months of therapy and seems to be doing well. There will be years of recovery with his TBI, but he continues to make progress.


We're off to babysit our grandbaby, who has figured out crawling and is working on walking. She'll be a handful, but I think both of us are ready for a little hands on grandparenting. Arno is leaving next week for Florida, he'll spend some time with his dad on the golf course. I'm home babysitting the grandpuppy - and will try to figure out if I'm ready for a full time dog again. If I'm ready for Diesel to go home at the end of his visit, then I'm not ready to have a dog. If I'm crying when he leaves, then we'll start looking (ok, I'm already looking, just not ready to commit!).