Sunday, April 27, 2008

Finally spring!

The not so good part about spring.....I've spent days on my butt in the woods pulling this beauty. My favorite. Garlic mustard.

But look! We have a new friend!

Green! Yea! Just when we thought it would never stop snowing. Back from Indy and a couple of days later everything popped.

This is a beech tree flower, eventually making a beech nut. Beech tree opened up on Wednesday.

A little planting going on, although I'm still nervous about a spring snow.

Zac's Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to you!

Be careful in Las Vegas!!!

Take care of my baby girl!!!



We spent last weekend with the Kuba's and toured the Lilly Gardens at the Indianapolis Art Museum. I'm always trying to find new plants and landscaping ideas. What do you think of these?

It was great to get out of Michigan for a little, even if it's only 4 hours away. They were in SPRING, and we hadn't quite gotten there yet.

Always a good time with the Kluba's....we celebrated the birth of Dylan Elliot - their first grandbaby, all the way in London.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I'm amazed that we have so many babies in our lives right now. Our friend Rebecca (see weddings of last year) and her husband Brian just had their first child - a boy named August William. Another friend is struggling with birth in London as we speak....yikes! I don't want to go through that again....all good thoughts and prayers to you Rachel. And, we've got another friend due in July. Meanwhile, our little one, is one her way to being a year old.