Thursday, October 16, 2008

One more thing

I know I'm behind on political posting. Mostly because the weather has been so great and all I want to do is be outside. Or maybe because I've found joy in pottery again, and my mind and hands are busy with clay. But one thing really rankled me during the VP debate. Sarah Palin was passionate about patriotism and paying taxes. She doesn't believe paying taxes is patriotic? I thought that's how this country worked. We pay taxes for roads and schools, libraries and fire stations. Arno & I pay a lot of taxes and I'm always proud of doing my part to keep our country strong. What I'm not happy about is paying for a war that was lied about, for bridges to nowhere, for bail outs to wall street (yes, even when I know has to happen). I think this country and our political parties have to figure out that we can't run without money. And we can't borrow forever. Maybe this financial mess is the best thing that could have happened to us. Eventually we'll get back on our feet and learn from all this - and paying taxes will be patriotic again.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is what we see out our windows.....

Arno and I took a class on planting natives in your yard to have a healthy ecosystem. We've always been on the path, but even more so now. It really makes me appreciate my natives - Shumack and Sassafrass.

Not so native!

This would be my favorite time of year - if I didn't know what was coming!

I managed to plant over 300 bulbs this week, so there should be a lot of color this spring.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

We love our baby!

We've been lucky enough to have a few weekends in a row with Gretchen and Jay - and Alexis!

Gretchen was in her second Susan G Komen breast cancer walk. 60 miles in three days; she's tough! We're so proud of her - they raised 7.2 million dollars on this walk alone.

These are part of the motorcycle clubs that stay with the walkers, giving encouragement and helping with traffic.