Sunday, February 22, 2009


And because I am so sick of snow pictures, pottery is now going on the blog. Some are old, some are new; I've been meaning to document more so here it is....

wheel thrown, raku

wheel thrown, two piece, fired in Anagama

wheel thrown, incised, temoku glaze fired to cone 10

wheel thrown enclosed form, fired to cone 10

Why am I not posting?

Could be that I'm just tired of the snow....and because I'm a visual person all my pictures are of snow - and I'm sick of's a vicious circle. But I do have a few of a frosty morning in January and the deer were just a couple days after that. It was the first herd of deer that went through while we were here to see them. They seemed as surprised as we were.

Some of my favorite pictures, of one of my favorite days....