Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Republican VP choice

How can this woman want to be a VP when she has a 5 month old baby
with special needs and a 17 year old with needs of her own? Is this
the time to embark on a move acrossed country to a all-consuming job?
What happened to " family values"? Is it ok to not have an abortion
and not care what happens to them after?

I think this is the worst sort of political pandering. Choosing a
woman that won't do anything for women, but using her to attract
disgruntaled Hillary supporters.

I'm so angry with this campaign - I can't believe that there are
people out there listening to this and thinking this is where we need
take the country.


Elliot said...

At least those two guys in your picture don't look like they're impressed by anything they're watching on the Republican convention.

Can't imagine Palin proved anything to former Hillary supporters other than she's a good speaker. Can't think of any content that would sway someone who cares about the sustainability and peace on this planet.

Anonymous said...

I think that McCain has actually cost himself the election by this choice. I'm sure she's a great hockey mom and an avid PTO this what the Republican party's come to? Sheez.

Anonymous said... Kimmy