Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Why wouldn't you want more love in the world?

Check out this video on YouTube:


Jennifer Boxrud said...

How much do we love the Keith?? NICE BLOG! Hey, I see I'm on your blog list?? Laws, I done fell out and caught the vapors. How'd you hear about/find me? We used to live in Michigan(SE).

I'm happy I found your blog!


Pam & Arno said...

I'm happy I found YOUR blog. I'm friends with Carol Yager, and read something that you had written to her on Facebook that made me laugh, and tracked you to your blog. Great stuff, I'm loving the Barack pics.

I started this blog to keep friends and family informed on the house build. ( go to the end/beginning for the house story) It's morphed into an all purpose diary to help keep connected with our far-flung family. Landscaping is coming along, wait till you see the "horse trough" !

Glad to have a new friend, thanks for writing!


JPB said...

Mimi! She lives about 20 minutes from my folks in Grand Rapids. How funny is that? I know she and my Mom will totally click.

I'm loving watching your work in progress. I think I'm a closet architect/construction worker. Hubby's working on a basement design that will (God and Christmas bonus willing) get started early 2009.

Happy New Year, Pam!