Tuesday, April 24, 2007

April 16-20

The floors in the master wing, and the basement were poured this week. That allowed the interior framing to be completed. You can get a feel for the sizes of the rooms (ok, big/small depending on who you talk to....) Also, Consumers finally figured out that we're actually building there and have started the discussion on where the power will come from. You'd think that with all the power lines around, we wouldn't have a problem....Ha! Looks like we're tapping into our neighbor's pole and running underground from there. Thanks LouAnn!

Basement framing

Pocket doors ready to go

Basement shower

I love concrete....

My huge laundry room!

All framed up

We love the pop-in - Cary & Eric stop by

Friday night grilling -

Where's the porch?

And, at the end of the week, we saw our friends Robyn & Brian be married.

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